Your brand in two moves:
simple and

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Good Bishop Communications is a strategic brand, marketing and creative communications firm preaching brand disruption to help business and community leaders discover their WHY in order to build stronger, more loyal audiences for maximum success.

It’s not a cult, it’s a Brand Religion.

With a penchant for big stories and bold moves, and an even bigger desire to change the world one compelling brand at a time, Good Bishop Communications specializes in:

  • Brand Building: Internal / external research, gap, trend and SWOT analysis, strategic development, brand story creation

  • Brand Awareness / Activation: Marketing strategy and messaging platforms, conceptual development, creative execution of marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Brand Community Building: Empowering audiences and nurturing relationships to strengthen the building of brand

  • Brand Education: Speaking engagements, seminars, panel discussions and mentorship programs

Our mission is to be your catalyst for positive social and cultural change – igniting as many minds and hearts, and calling to action as many relevant audiences and elephant herds as possible with authentic, holistic, emotionally-charged experiences and consistent delivery of your brand promise across all marketing touch-points – from the grandest spectacle to the simplest gesture.

Brand exists everywhere and everywhen an emotional connection is made. As the unrelenting pursuit of happiness, brand is no longer just your story as your audience sees it. Brand is about their story and how you’re featured within it. So how do you want to be remembered… as a mere walk-on character during a sales cycle, or as a plot-driving protagonist?