Your brand in two moves:

and holistic

At Good Bishop Communications, we share a big desire to change the world (through the betterment of the human condition) one compelling brand at a time. As a brand, creative and marketing communications firm, sure we may not saving lives here, but we are on your mission to plant as many smiles on faces, ignite as many minds and hearts, and call to action as many audiences as possible with authentic, holistic, emotionally-charged experiences and consistent delivery of your brand promise across all touch-points – from the grandest spectacle to the simplest gesture.

The “Good Bishop” pseudonym is in reference to both a strategic chess move and to our light-hearted yet passionate soapbox tendencies. We’ve been known to preach to Government and media professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurial associations across all industries, Chambers of Commerce and to emerging creatives, how brand is no longer just your story as your audience sees it. It’s about their story and how you’re featured within it.

Brands exist everywhere and everywhen an emotional connection is made. So how do you want to be remembered… as a mere walk-on character during a sales cycle, or as a plot-driving protagonist?