On brand gaps and the elephants used to fill them…

In life, we as a culture have filled in gaps of knowledge with simple explanations… higher powers, magic, the natural healing abilities of moms and dads to kiss and fix a scraped knee. Brand gaps work like this as well.

Like repairs to a decaying infrastructure, we fill in these gaps with ever stronger materials as our intelligence and wisdom grow, and abolish previous incorrect notions with more enlightened, evolved thought based on firmer evidence… only for new gaps to appear over time as the infrastructure buckles and breaks under the stress of societal tides.

The same technologies we used to open our eyes about the past also serve to strain our perceptions of the present and future. New technologies give birth to population explosions with increased demand for supply. Increased supply yields greater environmental pressures. With more people driving more cars through cities faced with more temperamental environmental conditions, you fill a pothole only to have another open down the road.

If you look deep enough, you’ll be sure to find the filling of gaps as a repeating pattern throughout history and across most societal systems – from religion (better known as faith) to those driving consumer decisions regarding selection and purchase. As religious faith was tested and forced to splinter or adapt to growing scientific truths – such as the rejection of certain creationist theories in response to Darwin’s theory of evolution, so too was the system of selling goods and services… the rise of brand and the shifting of trends in sales and marketing in response to technological and societal evolution.

This is the theme of our blog: The shifting of trends and the filling in of gaps. It is our hope that you use these brand insights as inspiration to contact us… to spark conversation, action, momentum and success… or at the very least that you walk away from your keyboard with a greater respect for nerdy elephants.