Your disruptive brand story: Inspirational literature for your audience.

Good Bishop Communications will write your disruptive brand story – and show you how to weave it into the consumer fabric of your target audience. We’ll help you to answer the really difficult, really awkward questions: “Why do you matter?” and “Why should anyone care?”

It’s simply not good enough to say, “We have things – come see, do, buy or support them.” Your audiences yearn to belong to something bigger than themselves. They want to fill in the gaps of expectations, needs and desires. They want to belong to an ideal, and to a simple truth that resonates and defines – answering the nebulous question “Who will I be if I go here, experience, buy or advocate for this…?” And even more importantly, “How on Earth did I ever survive without that?!”

Don’t just connect with your audience… Wow them with a brand story worth talking about. Disrupt their expectations… of you, of industry and of themselves. Reinvent or re-imagine your brand, your industry or your audience so that they’re never thought of the same way again. The back story of this authentic and disruptive brand story will serve to spark inspiration and ignite action… allowing you to capture the well-defined role of plot-driving protagonist within the life story of your audience.

Pursue consumer happiness in bold, new and creative ways. Expose the beating heart of your brand, stir affection and desire, and increase your bottom line as you turn people into customers and customers into evangelists.

Brands are no longer bought or bought into. Brands are joined, supported and protected by members in search of happiness and fulfillment – eager to exchange tangible wealth, action and brand loyalty for intangible gains such as hope and guidance, safety and a sense of belonging.

So work for your audience and soon you’ll find them working for you…

Brand, identity and communications…
Meet the heart, face and voice of your business.

We see brand as the heart of your organization – the purpose, beliefs and values behind your commodities; visual identity as its face; communications, content and messaging its voice; and all marketing as its actions.

People don’t engage with just logos, identity and pretty pictures – nor through clever messaging, stunning design or unconventional execution devoid of personality, heart, or especially truth. Nor is engagement simply about barking your brand story over the heads of your competitors or buying your way into the spotlight. Your audiences can opt out of ads with a simple click or turn of a page, and with the world literally at our fingertips, you’re no longer competing for preciously limited shelf space. Your competition is everyone. Everywhere.

All communications require creative solutions that must be developed with much more than just ‘creative’ in mind. It’s through the research and development of tailored strategies, marketing plans, communications tactics and creative campaign stories that spark and fuel cultural relevance that brands grow so contagious that they simply cannot be controlled. This equates to competitive advantage and tangible gains for any organization or community.

As a proven brand, marketing communications and strategic creative firm, Good Bishop Communications focuses upon the planning, inspiring, creating and nurturing of your brand and brand story to encourage a participation economy of internal and external engagement and interaction with the overall purpose of instilling deep trust, interest, confidence and evangelical loyalty beyond reason.

Good Bishop Communications will search for new audiences and innovative opportunities to present your organization or community as an exciting, timely and topical twist to their story. An unexpected, yet integral character serving to drive plot and lead revolution and resolution against cultural discourse through brand loyalty as a by-product of radical, disruptive thought, fulfilled expectations, safe and supportive social community and offerings of intangible wealth. The result is an entity and a brand story so fiercely revered that your audience wonders how they ever managed without you at all.