Landover Homes

Landover Homes literally means turning over land. Breaking ground. This simple action implies the realization of a very personal, very important and very valuable dream. That moment when the shimmering hope of what will be becomes the thrilling reality of what now is…

So too should the name Landover Homes invoke joyous feelings of accomplishment. An instant emotional connection between home builder and potential home buyer conveying the simple truth that dreams, in and of themselves, are not a guarantee of a life better lived. Landover Homes cares deeply about their customers and the communities they build; helping both to shape a positive trajectory of prosperity and quality of life.

Simply put, when a customer chooses to build with Landover Homes, they’ve chosen to build up to something big within Alberta’s Industrial Heartland – a region rich with wealth and history but scarce on both differentiation of character and community due to the very essence of its existence.

This home builder asks new home buyers to demand better. To demand more. To realize that even in a sea of hard-working, fast-living blue-collars there’s room for so many shades of colour. Deeper, richer, warmer.

Why should they lose themselves in the crowd of “cookie-cutter” builder mentality so prevalent in the Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County regions? Landover Homes encourages these buyers to come in, sit down and stand out. Regardless of age or profession, family size or downtime preferences, theirs is a lifestyle of untapped abundance, and they deserve it all – the big toys and the big joys, and a home carefully constructed to hold each and every one of them.

Any builder can claim to build a dream home. Landover Homes however, asks home buyers to stop chasing their dream and find it here. A redefinition of high quality living, at Landover Homes, they don’t just build dream homes… they build custom homes to match the vision, reality and the deepest desires of the custom heart.

Standards are raised when a customer raises a Landover home and experiences the true redefinition of high quality living.

These are truly custom homes for the truly custom.