SAJRD (The Southern Alberta Junior Roller Derby Association) was created in October 2013 in recognition of the fact that very few alternatives existed for youth sport beyond those considered traditional staples – and that none were designed to promote both teamwork and individuality in equal measure.

SAJRD was the brainchild of Good Bishop’s own Corey Brewis as a labour of love for his daughter who struggled to find a sport that she could truly identify with. The league was formed as a diverse group of parents and players representing the Foothills / South Calgary Regions (Alberta beef!) who came together in the spirit of promoting fun and excitement through the entertaining, family-friendly team sport of competitive roller derby.

One of the fastest-growing sports in North America, today’s roller derby is played on a flat track (typically a gymnasium floor) and is a high-speed team sport requiring roller-skating skill and agility, strategy and athletic ability. While a light contact sport, junior roller derby promotes safety, cooperation, and wholesome fun and entertainment for the whole family. Junior roller derby offers a unique alternative to more “traditional” youth sport – encouraging individual expression and growth while based on the principles of community, fair play and friendly competition. SAJRD is a non-affiliated organization open to both male and female players of any skating level, ages 6 – 17. Driven by volunteerism, all aspects of SAJRD league formation and operation was organized as not-for-profit and on a purely volunteer basis.

Since 2013, SAJRD has grown from a handful of skaters to the second-largest youth league in the province of Alberta, and boasts an incredibly diverse and loyal fan base of statistically proven college educated spectators (making it highly desirable for sponsorship as well).