Spark Ontario

The Spark Ontario Volunteer Gateway portal exists to encourage participation in volunteer opportunities in order to assist others in their goal to make a difference (not just in the lives of others but in theirs as well).

It delivers a sense of pride and inclusiveness in volunteerism, targeting those people who claim “I Want to Contribute; I Want to Belong; I Want to be Engaged; but I need more! To learn new things, meet new people…and explore my full potential!”

From these ideals, SPARK ONTARIO was born… as a different way to ignite imagination and possibilities. All it takes is a spark…and a familiar message that can quickly resonate with its audience:

Inspiration Starts Here…In the igniting of passion and the spark of excitement…

“You’re short on time but long on drive. SPARK is Ontario’s portal between needs and causes and effective volunteerism. A different way to make a difference in your life – and the lives of others – you’re instantly connected to thousands of volunteer opportunities to be a catalyst for change, for skill development, and for social gratification.

SPARK ONTARIO puts power into motion – propelling you through an easy to navigate online emporium of aggregated opportunities for your chance to give…and to grow. This is the spark you needed Ontario. You’re engaged. Good for You.”