The Taylor Way


Given the fact that therapy, life coaching and business coaching are traditionally seen as mutually exclusive, Dawn Taylor’s diverse array of holistic programs in the (overlapping) areas of trauma, business and personal coaching among men, women and youth has made her overall service offering an anomaly in the coaching space. However, company expansion was deemed challenging due to the reality that the level of business brand growth built upon an individual figurehead is extremely limited.

Moving forward, it was critical that Dawn Taylor’s image be separated from The Taylor Way brand to actualize the business franchise goal of becoming a national / global coaching program… clearly and concisely communicating the organizational brand while remaining true to the fun and approachable spirit and legacy of its founder.

To support the pursuit of expansion in new areas (specific geographies / industries serviced), credibility of The Taylor Way image needed to be bolstered – accurately conveying the organization’s professionalism, effectiveness and authentic position as a thought leader and agent of positive, personal change.

Extensive local and national research allowed for strategic rebrand decisions to be made upon such observations and recommendations as:

  • There is typically a clear distinction between therapy and coaching; and between life and business coaching
  • There are no obvious competitors offering a combination of trauma / personal / professional coaching services
  • There are no obvious competitors targeting women + men + youth
  • While a primary female audience is an obvious target requiring little marketing effort, evidence shows that the most rewarding audience(s) (more challenging to attract and work with / most in need of coaching services) are female youth and adult males (with subset audiences of Indigenous and those in oil and gas)
  • Brand, marketing and communications should therefore be appealing to multiple audiences: demonstrating strength, empowerment, sophistication and active cause and effect (clearly defining an actionable, results-oriented approach)
  • The brand should also serve to blur the lines between therapy and coaching; and between target audiences, while addressing the perceived paradox of the ‘best friend’ trauma coach vs the ‘impartial observer’ business coach
  • The brand should be intelligent, intuitive and flexible enough to respond to the unique needs and wants of the individual. This is where the blurred notion of “hope-giver” (best friend) and “ass-kicker” (professional, impartial observer) truly comes into play
  • The brand should be indicative of process and result: a holistic approach to ordered chaos

Life is a Work in progress. We build up and we tear down in an effort to reject chaos and create order… to move forward and to keep moving forward – through life and through business.

We are NOT broken. Just… disassembled, or not yet fully realized. The Taylor Way is Our Head Start.